Ever Have A Cat In Your Water Hopper?

| January/February 1991

807 Pine Georgetown, Texas 78626.

My brother and I have a collection of old tractors and a repair shop here in Georgetown, Texas.

I was doing a little job for a man and he said that his friend had found a real old tractor in a sand pit on the Rio Grande River on the Mexican border. I told him that I would give him the job if he would check into it for me and he did.

Several weeks later he took me to meet his friend and the old tractor.

The old tractor turned out to be an 8-16 Mogul in pretty bad condition. So we went back home, three hundred miles. I completed several more free jobs for the man for his telephoning to his friend in the valley. I finally bought the tractor, and my brother went and brought it home.

The next morning I was out looking at the old Mogul and a cat came out of the water hopper! So I looked in the water hopper and there were four little kittens in there! The mother cat and her four little cats had ridden three hundred miles in the Mogul water tank!