| July/August 1972

RR 3, Nashville, III. 62263.

My wife and I have several tractors and gas engines of various makes and models. We belong to the American Threshermen Association, and always try to take a few items to the show in Pinckneyville. It is a fine association and makes us younger members feel welcome.

Tractors and engines are scarce in this part of the country, and one has to take whatever he can find, in whatever shape they are in. Am currently getting an opposed two cylinder Airo-Thrust motor that can run in either direction restored. Eddie Jansen is working on an 18-36 Hart Parr that had been setting in the woods for over 20 years. Also have a 20-35 AC road tractor torn down, as well as a Keck Gonnerman. My pride and joys are a R Case, 18-36 and 28-50 Hart Parr, Huber Light-4 and a 20-35 Twin City. I am looking for a large tractor as well as a large gas or oil engine.

Pictured is our daughter who likes to 'help'. The motor is a New-Way. Another man had taken it apart, but died. Really had a job putting all the pieces in the right place. The picture shows it about two-thirds done, with the shields, mag, oilers and carburetor still off. (Hey, how about Walter's last name-I'll bet he'll be getting a namesake tractor some day! And isn't that daughter a little beauty?--Anna Mae) Courtesy of Walter and Jan Townsend, RR 3, Nashville, Illinois 62263.

My restored 'Fuller & Johnson' pump jack engine, 1912. Has been mounted on base and has belt pulley for general use. Notice left hand rotation. There is also a ported exhaust for cooler running.

The tractors were shunted aside this fall while I returned to the University of Illinois to finish my Masters degree in Educational Psychology. As an under graduate, the Ag College deans helped me to locate a tractor. My adviser, Dr. Anderson, gave me an Ottawa log saw that I am now working on.