Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors

| November/December 1979

Thousands of facts about American farm tractors and their makers are put together by C. H. Wendel, of Atkins, Iowa, for his book which will be a best seller among GEM readers and fellow collectors.

The book is the 'Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors,' another Crestline blockbuster for people who search for -information and pictures about their favorite pieces of machinery.

All the prominent names among tractors are there, along with obscure titles of companies or products that never hit the big time. More than 1,500 photos appear in the 325 pages.

Here are a few sample tidbits: Case engineers built an experimental gas model in 1892, but it was ahead of its time because carburetion and ignition had not been perfected and the idea was dropped; the 30-60 was introduced in 1911.

Mayer Brothers, Mankato, Minnesota began building tractors exclusively in 1914, their firm was succeeded by the Little Giant Company.

In 1915, when about 22,000 tractors were built in the United States-nearly doubling 1914 output-many farmers insisted that the tractor could never take the place of the horse.