Eimco 'Tower Horse'

| March/April 1993

456 N 300 W, Kanab, Utah 84741.

This unique tractor filled a need as it replaced the horse on the small farms and ranches in the west.

The 'Power Horse' was designed to hook up to the horse drawn equipment- 'no need to buy more equipment with this new 'horse',' was one of the selling points. It was designed to control completely from the seat of a mower, dump rake, wagon or sulky plow, etc.

Just snap the reins, like with a horse, and it closes the two control clutches and you're off; pull on the reins and you stop. Pull extra hard and the tractor will back up; release the reins and go back to neutral. Then back to snapping the reins and you're off again. Pull left line back and the tractor will start a left turn. Pull one rein back to reverse and the other in forward and the tractor will spin a turn in its own length.

This tractor is four-wheeled drive and weighs in at 2500 pounds. Roller chains drive the wheels in the large side castings.

To this tractor's gear box, transmission and wheels, an Allis Chalmers B engine was added, giving the power horse the 'Allis' look. The tractor will pull about 80% of its own weight. Instead of spinning down like other tractors, it starts to crow hop like a four wheel pickup.