Eagle Tractor

Two more engines readers wanted to share: a restored 20-40 Eagle tractor and a 1929 Massey Harris.

| May/June 1968

Here are a couple quick ones for you. Mr. Elmer Stickwood hasn't had to search for prizes the way some engine collectors do. He still owns the 20-40 Eagle tractor he used back in the 1930s for saw-milling, rock crushing, grist milling, threshing, and silo-feeding. It had fallen into disrepair, but not too badly. Mr. Stickwood's mechanical memory was a help in restoring this tractor.

Though Fred Andrews is a younger man, for vintage engine interest he has Mr. Stickwood by a few years: he uses a 1929 Massey Harris 1 1/2 hp to drive an 1855 patented D.C. Cumings corn cutter.