Dr. Paul Harvey's Engine Collection

| November/December 1972

110 Seventh Street, Emporium, Penna. 15834.

In November 1970 I called on Dr. Harvey at Coolspring, Pa. to see his engine collection, Paul had just established a medical practice at nearby Brookville and as a hobby collected and restored engines both large and small. I had no trouble locating his place as a field near his parents home was half full of large engines to be restored and placed under cover when he gets time.

Model A Reid, No. 685, made by Joseph Reid.12 HP.7' diameter x 14' stroke. 3?' x 54' flywheels, 155 R. P. M. Hot tube fired.

He had several of large and rare ones in a sheet metal shed all piped up with water and natural gas and it was while he was getting one of these started that he was called to the delivery room of the Brookville hospital.

Model 5 Klien No. 527, about 12 HP. 9' diameter cylinder x 12' stroke. Runs on natural gas. 4' x 60' flywheels, pendulum governor, hit and miss, ported cylinder. Fires with igniter.

During his absence I visited with his father who helps him with some of the repair work on the engines. Some time later he returned and with another quick change of clothes was back with the engines when he announced that it was an eight pound boy and both were doing fine. He agreed with me when I told him that he could expect to have his hobby interrupted often now that he had become a doctor.