Down Memory Lane

| September/October 1990

Morris Blomgren of R. 1, Siren, WI 54872 sent us the two photos on this page. The top one is a 25 HP Mogul that Morris bought for Jim Withers of Osakis, MN some years ago. It had been purchased new by Willie Lindgren of Trade River, WI to generate electricity and was also used on a sawmill. Thereafter it was sold to a fellow near Trade River who used it for grinding feed. Jim is on the right side: 'He had it loaded too heavy on the front, so when we got to Grantsburg, WI, the tires were so hot you could not touch them. He told me this was the smoothest running engine he owned.'

A picture taken near Elkton, MN about 1912-14- It is a 1 cylinder tractor, 25 HP with 2 opposing pistons in 1 cylinder- hit and miss. Is it a Kansas City 'Lightning?'