Delivering a Rumely Tractor

Even the best-planned deliveries can run into problems.

| May/June 1966

  • Rumely Oil Pull - Model Z 40-60
    Rumely Oil Pull - Model Z 40-60 owned by Mr. Krumwiede. This isonly one of his 29 Rumely Tractors.
  • 35-70 Minneapolis Gas Tractor
    35-70 Minneapolis Gas Tractor owned by W. O. Krumwiede ofVoltaire, N. D. and John O. Tysse of Crosby, N. D. That's Mr.Krumwiede by the belt pulley of the 'Minnie'.
  • 8 HP Harvester Skid Engine
    This is my 8 HP Famous International Harvester Skid Engine. Itwas found high on a hill 12 miles from my home. It was in a verydeplorable condition in the summer of 1964. Mr. Gamble worked on itthe most during the winter of 1965. That is Mr. Gamble on the rightin the picture and I am on the left. We were starting for ourColonial Day Parade in Painted Post on June 12, 1965. We had toreplace the half of wooden barrel for cooling with a steel drum.Skid is the same original. Later I returned to the place to lookfor the operating manual but couldn't find it, although I didfind the original battery box. We had to find a wagon also for easyhandling. They do not come easy either. Make and break ignition,6' bore 10' stroke and fires every other time. TheInternational people could give me no information as to time ofmanufacture, specifications or operating manual. We had this engineon display at the Canadaigua, New York Pagent of Steam duringAugust, 1965 and it was admired by many. Following is a descriptionof the engine: Skid - black, base of engine - gray, engine - red,wheels - green alum., water pipe and tank -cascade green, weight ofengine and wagon is 4,075 lbs.

  • Rumely Oil Pull - Model Z 40-60
  • 35-70 Minneapolis Gas Tractor
  • 8 HP Harvester Skid Engine

While working for the Rumely Thresher Company at their St. Louis Branch, a Mr. D. A. Upham wrote the Rumely Company at Laporte, Indiana, asking information about a tractor and plow. Since the inquiry came from Mt. Carmel, Illinois, which was in St. Louis territory, it was sent there and then to Tom Adams, salesman for that block.

Mr. Adams called on Mr. Upham and sold him a Model B, 25-45 Oil Pull and an eight gang Oliver plow.

Mr. Upham's land lay across the Wabash River in Indiana, hence was in the Indianapolis branch territory. The manager at Indianapolis soon heard of the sale and claimed the credit for it should go to his branch instead of to St. Louis. Quite an argument ensued and when the tractor arrived at Mt. Carmel, I was sent to unload and deliver it. When I arrived I found the Indianapolis branch manager had sent their man to deliver the same outfit.

Their serviceman and I had no quarrel. We thought it was fine to have help in delivering the machinery.

We were soon unloaded and the plows knocked down were loaded on a wagon and we were on our way to the Wabash Ferry landing. The tractor was quite a load for the boat, but we got across without any trouble.

We quickly reached the ranch headquarters, had the plows set up and were on our way to the field where we were to start plowing. As we were crossing a low spot of land which had recently been cleared of trees, I noticed the ground trembling for quite a distance around the tractor. I knew we were on quicksand, so I headed the tractor in between two large stumps and shut it down. We hauled a load of plank and planked our way out. It was much easier to get out that way than to bury the tractor.


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