Dandy Boy Garden Tractor

| July/August 1999

3105 Ninth Street Douglas, Arizona 85607

I just purchased this Dandy Boy garden tractor built by Midland Company of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am not sure what model it is, because the engine has been replaced. I do not know what the Briggs & Stratton model numbers mean, but the engine looks to be at least 5 HP. The fellow that I bought it from said he had the moldboard to go with it but could not find it. I hope it turns up someday. Dave Baas' great book, Vintage Garden Tractors, was a big help in identifying this machine, as the decal was unreadable. I would like to see a manual for Dandy Boy to see what attachments were available and how they were hooked up.

I got the hand operated pump from the same place.