Dandy Boy Garden Tractor

| July/August 1999

  • Dandy Boy
    Dandy Boy #mid-A 815393, with B-S mod. 23B, type 203310, serial #29950.
  • Engine
    2' intake and discharge; 5' bore (approximately).

  • Dandy Boy
  • Engine

3105 Ninth Street Douglas, Arizona 85607

I just purchased this Dandy Boy garden tractor built by Midland Company of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am not sure what model it is, because the engine has been replaced. I do not know what the Briggs & Stratton model numbers mean, but the engine looks to be at least 5 HP. The fellow that I bought it from said he had the moldboard to go with it but could not find it. I hope it turns up someday. Dave Baas' great book, Vintage Garden Tractors, was a big help in identifying this machine, as the decal was unreadable. I would like to see a manual for Dandy Boy to see what attachments were available and how they were hooked up.

I got the hand operated pump from the same place.

6/4/2018 8:24:17 AM

MY dad had one of those. it was a man's tractor requiring some muscle. we had a tiller and a snow blade. also a sickle bar attachment with sulky for mowing. real big briggs on it that was a trick to start as it required a good long hard pull. rolled back to compression and lots of rope wrapped around the sheave. then give her a good follow thru pull and it would usually fire and go turn off choke at the right time... i could start it at age 10 or so. dad had an acre of garden and mom canned enough veg. to last all winter. that was all during the 1950's we lived in racine county south of where that machine was built. not sure what became of it after we sold the place and moved to town:(. might have been a culitvator too, i cant remember now.