| July/August 1986

Rt 1 Franklin, Illinois 62638

The 1954 Tractor Field Book lists all four tractors, still made by Custom Tractor Mfg. Co., Hustisford, Wisconsin, but now showing new model numbers, namely the 96R-96W 98R-98W. Also shown is a nice picture of the big 98W with double stacks.

Accompanying this article are illustrations from literature we sold Lehr Big Boys from and pictures of us unloading two new shiny Lehrs. These tractors cost us $1950. The engine and transmission were painted silver and the rest of the tractor was red with the exception of the rear rims being silver.

My collection of Tractor Field Books stop at the year 1954 so I have no way of knowing when production stopped. When we were selling the Lehr Big Boy, we visited the plant in Shelbyville on at least two occasions. I don't remember the name of the man in charge of the plant at that time but I remember well visiting with him in his office. On a pleasure trip this last summer, we stopped in Shelbyville and try as I might I could not find anyone who remembered anything about Custom Manufacturing Co.

In our area the Wards tractor and the Lehr have become very popular on the pulling circuit.

In summation, I will try to condense the history of this tractor to the best of my knowledge.

Philip Rosar
3/7/2011 10:25:31 AM

My Father (Curt Rosar) owned Lehr Equipment Sales that was located at 6th and A street in Richmond, Indiana. Lehrs was a distributor of all types of farm equipment,the company later bought out the Dunham Co. from Berea Ohio,at which time it became an manufacturing company here in Richmond. The plant and Company was sold in 1982 to Farmhand mfg co. Durning the war it was hard to get farm tractors,thats when we cme up with the Lehr Big Boy