| March/April 1993


Oops! Here's the information on last month's cover photo. Richard Cummings, 2287 W. Auburn Rd., Rochester Hills, MI 48309, bought the one-of-a-kind tractor from the Henry Ford Museum in 1982. The museum's accession sheet describes it as a Fordson tractor, V8 engine, painted gray and marked 'Ford' on the radiator. There are two small rubber tired front wheels placed close together. There are fenders over rear wheels which have rubber tires with cleats. A metal tool box is on the inside beside the left rear wheel. A perforated gray metal seat is on an iron bar.

They remark, 'This is the only one of its kind, an experimental tractor assembled from standard Ford truck and passenger car parts. It was used for many years on the Ford farm.' The museum lists 1937 as the year of assembly.