| April/May 1988

13073 Apple Tree Lane, DeWitt, MI 48820  

Archie Magsig is a Samson tractor collector. His story is told by his son Daniel in this issue beginning on page 20. 

If the adage that 'you are what you restore' is true, then I guess my dad would be considered a Samson Model M. If anyone saw a before and after photograph of his latest endeavor, they just might view his efforts as being of mythological proportions.

To understand my dad's passion for the Samson I guess you would have to go back to the beginning of his interest in antique tractor restoration.

It began in 1969 when he saw a 1929 McCormick-Deering 10-20. I guess something from his childhood days on his father's farm in DeWitt kindled a fire in (or under) him to bring this gem from the past back to life. This being his first attempt at reconstruction it was, understandably, a hit-and-miss affair, but his background as a tool and die maker at a local factory helped him tremendously. After successfully breathing new life back into the old workhorse, Dad found himself caught up in tractor fever. The 10-20 was followed by many more new additions to his collection, including a 1923 Fordson, 1929 D John Deere, and an 1935 John Deere AR serial #250131, until his 'family' of tractors was up to eleven. But it wasn't until he came upon a 1920 Samson that he realized what it was he wanted to devote himself to.

Archie (strange calling my dad by his first name) found his first Samson here in Michigan near the little town of Perry. Needless to say, when he brought home his prize in several boxes, Mom, my sisters and I were a bit skeptical, but with Dad's previous track record we were confident that he could turn this Samson into another showpiece.