Some Country Life Humor

Lewis H. Cline shares some country life humor with Gas Engine Magazine readers.

| May/June 1967

  • Avery 14-28
    Photo courtesy of Ralph C. Fuller, Minneapolis, Kansas.

  • Avery 14-28

Enjoy this country life humor from Lewis H. Cline. 

A little country life humor for you. About the time of World War I a Chicago merchandising firm bought out the entire stock on hand of a manufacturer of a very popular table model, cylinder record phonograph. These were sold by mail order, on time payment plan and advertised extensively on the back cover of certain farm magazines. At the bottom of the page, following the advertisement was an order blank for the prospective customer to fill out. For a credit reference they asked for the name of your family doctor. One fellows curiosity got the best of him and he wrote in to the company asking what on earth the family doctor could have to do with buying a phonograph on time, the answer: The family doctor generally gets paid last, and if you have him paid up your credit is good with us.

A couple bought a Surplus Army Life Raft and placed it on the rear seat of their Volkswagen Sedan alongside their 4 year old son and started down the street. All went well for the first few minutes. Soon the boy became curious and pulled the pin of the raft which automatically started swelling up, they sighted a policeman and hailed him by wildly tooting the horn, and taking in the situation at a glance he pulled out his knife and stabbed it saving the day for them.

This was one of my prize tractors, Avery 14-28, somewhere in the thirties. It is in action, as you can see, pulling my 22 by 36 Rumely thresher. It was wonderful power. My engineer is on the right and me at the left.