Colorado Tractor Tales

| February/March 1991

301 Lincoln St., Longmont, Colorado 80501.

I have always been interested in 'old iron.' As a youngster I spent several years on a farm, and I always enjoyed being around the machinery. Although I was too small to be of much help, my dad would let me drive our old John Deere B to and from the fields, and I well remember what a 'grown up' thrill that was. I never did get to drive our McCormick-Deering W-30, though. I guess it was too hard to steer. I remember how big that one seemed to me.

Years passed, and in the business of growing up, moving away and raising my own family (away from the farm), I guess my 'old iron' interest grew dormant. I still liked looking at old equipment whenever I had the opportunity, but I pretty much had left all that behind me.

Several years ago, however, I visited our local county fair (Boulder County Fair in Longmont, CO) with my family to see all the exhibits there-livestock, crafts, 4-H projects, etc., when all of a sudden, from around the end of the display building I heard a very familiar sound-the unmistakable sound of a John Deere tractor. Of course I had to go see what that was all about! Lo and behold!-there were a number of old tractors back there, all fixed up shiny fresh and looking very, very nice! There were a few John Deeres, some Farmalls, and a Case or two.

I stood there most of the rest of the afternoon listening, looking, and in general being a big pest to the tractor exhibitors.

WOW! The sight, sounds, and the smell, too, of the old tractors there brought all those memories back to me. It amazed me to see how that old equipment brought it all back so clearly-just as though I had walked out the back door of the old farmhouse. I was HOOKED!