Collection of One-Track Type Tractors

| January/February 1995

  • One-track type tractors

  • One-track type tractors

9650 Woodville Road, West Paducah, Kentucky 42086

I have taken the Gas Engine Magazine for about ten years, enjoying all the pictures and articles.

I have about 25 tractors, 30 gas engines and eight stationary steam engines. Eight of my collection are one-track type tractors. Five are H.G. Olivers, one a 2 ton Cat; one an M Allis-Chalmers, and one is an Army type tractor 3 foot wide tracks only. The tracks are metal, made by Black Hawk.

Rut I have found a 1939 Ford 9N, 7006-B, with half-tracks. I restored if from the ground up and thought it would be something to show the other people who read the GEM.