CLETRAC RESCUED In Rattlesnake Country...

| January/February 1984

P.O. Box 118 Clarcona, Florida 32710

For almost a year I tried to deal on a General GG tractor built by Cletrac. It is a small three-wheeler, two 12' plow tractor. The owner lived on a small farm near Ocala, Florida and had long since run it back in a fence corner where the tires rotted thrice, cows ate the plug wires and rust and rodents took over.

The first time I looked at it, the owner and I walked back to see it through pine and palmetto (prime Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake territory and he was barefooted)! He didn't seem the least bit interested in selling, so I went on my way.

A few weeks ago, I gave him a call, made an offer and after he and his 'cook' conferred, he accepted.

Hauled it home and what a mess! Put on good tires, cleaned mouse nest out of manifold, squirrel nest out of gas tank, drained sludge from crankcase, poured a gallon of kerosene in crankcase, replaced plugs and fired it up.

I have sales bulletin, operator's and repair parts manuals for it. It has a Hercules 1XA3 engine so parts are available. The tractor used Avery mounted plows, panters, cultivators, etc. After two years, Cleveland sold patents, etc. to Avery. Avery changed the engine to an 1XB and sold the tractor as 'BF Avery A'.