Classic Farm Tractor CaLenDar Draws Response

| November/December 1989

Some 500 readers of GEM responded to an advertisement in the May issue, when DuPont announced it would produce a 1990 calendar of classic farm tractors, built during the 1920's and 1930's.

'I was nearly covered up- literally-by the mail that poured in from the GEM ad,' says John Harvey, a communications manager at the DuPont Company headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware.

Letters, many of them accompanied with fine photos of the tractors, arrived from every part of the U.S., from New Jersey to California, from Michigan to Texas.

'Most difficult job has been selecting the 14 tractors to be featured on the calendar,' says Harvey. 'Our committee has worked long and hard to narrow the huge number of beautiful entries down to a final 14.'

There will be a cover tractor, a December 1989 tractor, and the 12 classics for 1990, making a grand total of 14 tractors featured in the calendar.

All tractor photographs are in color and are being taken by a professional, Ralph Sanders, of Des Moines. Sanders has taken numerous pictures of John Deere tractors and machinery through the years for Deere advertisements and literature.