Circa-1918 Holt 75

| March/April 1969

You can see by the greasy coveralls Carl Kirsch is wearing who did the most work in restoring the Holt 75, No. 3362, shown here. It has four cylinders, 7-1/2-by-8 feet, turns over at about 550 RPM and weighs about 12 tons. Manufactured at Stockton, Calif., about 1918, it was bought from Brown Bros., Williams, Calif., in September of 1967. Bearings, pistons, tracks were all in excellent shape. Three of the four cylinder heads had to be replaced due to internal corrosion from alkaline water. The big 56-gallon reserve water tank underneath the platform was removed and a smaller one with in the channel iron frame was installed. Also a new 75-gallon gasoline tank. It is now owned by Carl Kirsch, St. Paul, Ore., where it is stored, and Li'l Al Herman, newly installed president of the Western Steam Fiends Association, Portland, Ore.