Chicken House CLETRAC

| May/June 1993

420 E. Riding Club R, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009

'Prowling old salvage yards is recreation for my friend Ken Clossen and me. A favorite yard is in the middle of the high plains of central Wyoming. Walking around the yard, admiring old IHC 15-30s and a Fordson, we spied an old crawler tractor in a falling-down chicken house. Closer inspection revealed a 1926 Cletrac 30A with homemade sheet metal extensions on the fenders. The 3/6 inch sheet metal formed for the hood was as straight as new. The radiator and mechanics looked good! This old tractor steered with a steering wheel and had nine roller tracks.

We decided to buy the tractor in partnership, because we both wanted the big Cletrac. Weighing in at 7500 lbs., it required a good truck for hauling it to my shop in Cheyenne for restoration.

After external clean-up, we pulled the aluminum valve cover and discovered the valve cover had been a home for hundreds of generations of mice. The big 377 cubic inch Wisconsin was loose and had good compression. Pulling the cast iron pan that extended under the transmission to the differential revealed many dead mice. This was a major clean-up job.

This huge engine has four bolt main and rod bearings. Replacing the 250 lb. cast iron pan required a floor jack.

We have participated in several tractor pulls and the sound of the big six cylinder Wisconsin is a crowd pleaser.