Cherie's Diamond in the Rough

| September/October 1998

870 Burch Road Williston, Tennessee 38076

It seems the older I get, the worse it gets! As soon as my long anticipated Gas Engine Magazine arrives, I glance at the front cover and back cover, fan through the middle, then a powerful magnetic force pulls me to those irresistible classifieds! I think every old iron nut feels that same magnetism.

As usual, studying each and every ad, 1 came across an ad for an Allis Chalmers 'B' tractor on steel wheels. The Allis Chalmers B was a popular tractor in the south, due to small farms in the rolling hills. The B had a wide arched front axle, very maneuverable, and most of all, affordable. When Allis Chalmers designed the B, their vision was, this is the tractor that will be responsible for putting the horse out to pasture.

Curious about the tractor, I inquired about this little 'gem.' Later I received a letter and pictures from Mrs. Cindy Wolds in Iowa, and showed it to my wife. Already knowing her second love is Allis-Chalmers tractors, she fell in love with the little B. Yes, I have to admit, I was even a little jealous, especially seeing that we had only been married six months.

Reality finally sunk in that we could not afford it. I called the owner, Cindy, and told her. When I look back, Cindy really loved this tractor but knew it needed a good home. She sounded as disappointed as we were. She offered to extend us a few weeks to see if our situation would improve.

The next weekend my father was over visiting us, and as usual the conversation turned to tractors. We showed Dad the pictures of the little gem, and told him the story. He was like a little boy again. He could not put the pictures down. In fact, we never saw the pictures again until several months later. Dad wanted to be part owner with us, so I immediately called Cindy and locked in the deal. It was a great day!