Checking Up On Rupert Walls

| December/January 1997

6485 Forsyth Drive Cumming, Georgia 30130

I am writing this to show you what my father, Rupert Walls, has been doing for the last five months.

The story starts back in February, 1997. Dad asked me if I would like to be a partner in a 1948 8N Ford he had heard about that was close by. I said yes, and on one of the coldest days of our winter (the high was about 28-30 degrees with 30 m.p.h. winds; pretty cold by Georgia standards), we set out for a neighbor's place about four miles away. Dad drove the truck that we had filled with chains and tie straps; I drove a John Deere 'B' pulling the trailer to bring home the Ford.

After talking with our neighbor, we learned that the Ford had not run in a year or two. It had been bought new by his father-in-law. My dad has memories of the man planting pine trees all over our area.

After agreeing on a fair price, we loaded the old Ford on our trailer for the trip home. It was brisk on that Deere; just like riding in a convertible!

Upon our arrival, my mother was convinced we had wasted our money. She just couldn't see beyond the rust and grease that disguised a real classic.