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Cereal Box Tractor

By Staff

R.R. 1, Box 22 Clements, MN 56224

I’ m a young collector (age 12) and I bought an F-12. I
always wanted a tractor of my own, but I never had the money. Well,
one morning I got out my cereal to eat and poured a bowlful. It had
an instant winner card in it. When I opened the card it said,
‘You win a thousand dollars.’

A couple of days later, a man who sold my dad a 10-20 called up
and said he would sell Dad an F-14 and F-12. My dad said he just
didn’t have the time and money for two more tractors. I
interrupted and said I would buy them. The man said the F-14 was a
basket-case, but the F-12 was mechanically perfect. We sent a check
in the mail to pay for the two tractors. We tried to pick them up,
but snowstorm after snowstorm delayed us. Finally in spring we
picked up the F-12 but the owner decided not to sell the F-14
because it belonged to his uncle. My F-12 only needs some cleaning
up and painting.

My F-12 was made in 1938, the last year they were made. It is
the fastest F-12 I’ve ever seen (it runs about 7 MPH in third
gear and full throttle). My collection includes a Maytag engine, a
JD Corn Sheller, plus a cultivator for my F-12, and a corn planter
I’m buying now.

Every year, we have a threshing bee, corn shelling, and feed
grinding. Dad’s collection includes: A 1935 Allis Chalmers WC,
A 1936 10-20, A 1938 F-20, A 1937 A John Deere, and A 1937 John
Deere B. They are all restored. We also have an IHC grain

  • Published on May 1, 1985
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