| July/August 1988

P.O. Box 195 Athol, MA 01331

The tractor on this month's cover is a 1930 Model G Centaur tractor, photographed by Lisa Freitag of Warwick, Massachusetts.

My sons and I restored the tractor over the last few years in our spare time, with the help of a couple of generous GEM readers. We used it to pull one of the water wagons at the 1987 Central Mass. Steam, Gas and Machinery Association Show at the Orange Airport and received many nice comments on the tractor. We even let Lee Pedersen take it for a short drive! (He did fine.)

The photos at right are from that show. At the top of the page is me with my 'engine show hat' talking with a former owner of the tractor, Mr. George Atherton, now 79 years old. He told me some great stories about the tractor, including one about the time he flipped it upside down after getting the front drive wheels tangled in a huge grapevine. He was not seriously injured.

Next is my son Jim talking to a man whose father sold the tractor to Mr. Atherton around 1935. It was like old home day for this tractor!

Finally, my son Jim giving Lee Pederson some last minute instructions before 'blast off'. Riding on the water wagon is Tom Swan; a local 'Mud Bog' racing champion. After piloting his 429 cubic inch Ford pickup through the bog on a regular basis he knew Lee's driving would be relatively tame.