| March/April 1980

Theshing oats at the 1979 Show

Threshing oats at the 1979 Show.

Charles City, Iowa 50616.

The Cedar Valley Engine Club of Charles City, Iowa had a very good show last year. This was held over the Labor Day weekend, 1979. We had a record-breaking crowd all three days. There were times in July and August when we were not sure we could have a show because we were getting rain two-to-three days each week with as much as 2 to 3' and sometimes 4' with each storm. We did get a few loads of oat bundles dry and loaded between showers. Then about a week before the show the weather changed, helping to dry everything out. We had some trouble parking some campers who came in the middle of the week but by Saturday the ground had dried out so we could get the bundles loaded. Also the ground dried so we were able to park all the cars easily.

This year we had some exhibitors from outside the Club which added to our show. We are indeed grateful to them for participating, and also to all the visitors who came to help make our show a success. We had a lot of Hart-Parr tractors again this year. Charles City is where the Hart-Parr tractors were made. White is still building tractors where Hart-Parr built the first tractor. Of course we had many other tractors, along with steam engines which helped us to put on a good show. There were also lots of gas engines, etc.

Charles City has a portable bandshell which is loaned to us each year. The musicians gather here and play old time music each day. The merchants of the area furnish door prizes for a drawing held each day and it consists of 40 or more items each day. There is also a good lunch stand which the ladies of our Club run. They do a very good job

There was a lot of lumber sawed, shingles made and corn shelled and ground. The oats were threshed, (although they were on the wet side) and were sold to a Club member to put in a Harvestore silo. We are hoping to have a better show next year as we have some new members with some real good show items.

On Sunday afternoon, the second day of the show, the wind changed and blew the smoke from the steam engine being used on the sawmill the wrong direction, which was towards the lunch stand and large gas engine display. The steam engine was replaced with a 28-50 Hart Parr. This is a powerful tractor and did as good a job as the 80 Case steamer.