| May/June 1984

  • Model 38 Caterpillar

  • Model 38 Caterpillar

4-7216-C Box 268 R.D. #2 Delta, Ohio 43515

The Model 38 Caterpillar combine pictured here also has the Holt name on it. I believe the machine was built around 1930 as it is equipped with a small Cat 10 tractor engine. The engine is not the same as the D-10 Cat diesel tractor produced today.

Very few of these machines still exist. I have heard of some in the western United States and I have seen pictures taken of the Hidrick brothers collection in California.

In late July 1983, we took the machine to the field and found it to be in good working order. It operated well, doing a good job of cutting and thrashing and cleanly separating the grain.

This machine will be on display at the 40th annual National Threshers Reunion in Wauseon, Ohio, in late June. The combine is quite rare, and I know of only one other show that currently displays one.