Case V.C.

| December/January 1999

  • Case V.C.

  • Case V.C.

22573 Old 44 Drive, Palo Cedro, California 96073-8719

I recently acquired a Case V.C., serial #4524158, maybe a 1941?, and I am dismantling it. Of course it's stuck, has a four cylinder Continental flat head and has been converted to 12V. It has an alternator; I don't know if the starter is 6 or 12 V and if it makes a difference.

Anyhow, this is my first tractor to restore and I am going at it blind, but maybe someone out there in Tractor Land has some hints. I was fortunate to find an ad in Antique Power of an Ohio fellow who sold me some parts and had a lot of help for me. I sure am glad for guys like him!

The photo is a 'before' shot. You will get the 'after' picture, after. Also, if any one has an idea regarding un-sticking a motor and three valves I would like to hear from them. I'm also in need of some parts, such as belt pulley, top pipe and a little gizmo on the top of the pipe of the air cleaner and crank.

I just got a Case RC 1937 (no tag). Is the six-digit number on the engine the same as the serial number? How would you trace a tractor down to get the proper serial number? Any suggestions would be appreciated.