Cannot Be Bought At Any Price!

| May/June 1998

R.R.2,Box 239 Hughesville, Pennsylvania 17737

Stewart Hill of R. R. 2, Hughesville, Pennsylvania 17737 is the proud owner of this David Bradley model 917.5751.

Stewart Hill and his wife Sandra were en route to a flea market in northern Pennsylvania in the summer of '96, when all of a sudden there it was: this David Bradley tractor model 917.5751 with several attachments, sitting in a front yard in the country with a For Sale sign on it!

The original owner, who had had it since 1947, was now too old to use it any longer. Stewart knew that it was one to grab because it had been garage-kept, and in many ways was in good shape. Remarkably, the original paint was not pitted as they often get, and the original tires and handle grips were in excellent shape.

A little wheeling and dealing followed, and shortly thereafter the David Bradley was on the back of Stewart's truck.

Stewart Hill, who is an avid old tractor collector/enthusiast, gave the engine a good tune-up, and after matching the original colors as closely as possible, gave it a complete professional paint job. Now this prize piece in his collection cannot be bought for any price. The pictures can't do justice to the quality and the meticulousness of the paint job this tractor received. The paint that was used cost $19.50 per quart. Stewart, who had professional painting experience in his early years at the Ford garage, painted everything to perfection, down to the engine, the frame, the gas tank, and even the attachments. It now looks like new according to our neighbor, Parvin, who has had a David Bradley since 1951, and who now has two of them.