Canadian Old Iron Is

| June/July 1995

  • Model Rumely

  • Model Rumely

1906 15 Avenue S. Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1K 0X2

The interest in Old Iron is flourishing in this part of the continent too, and I thought readers would be interested in the model Rumely as per the picture at right. This model was made by the late John Stewart of Maple Creek, Sa skatchewan. Thanks to an agreement between John Stewart, Jr., and my brother Jack, also of Maple Creek, we have become temporary custodians of this gem of a unit. I did some bits of restoration and had fun showing it off at the three pioneer machinery shows in this area during the past summer.

Readers will no doubt recognize the McCormick-Deering model M engine. Mr. Stewart replaced the one flywheel with a belt pulley, took the spokes out of it and bolted the rim to the other flywheel. The water jacket was sliced off, oiler tube installed, remaining jacket covered and water piped to forward cooling tank. With the exhaust taken forward like the real ones, it really does sound like authentic Rumely. Power travels via clutch tensioned V belt to bevel gear box, to small car transmission, to cut down small car rear end. I admire the thought and engineering that went into this unit. Also, the authentic steering system gives your right arm a good workout herding it down the Parade of Power route.

We think replacing the rubber tires with authentic looking steel wheels would be a definite improvement, but we haven't quite had the nerve to tackle the job. My other excuse is that I'm more interested in crawler tractors; I have completed restoration of a 1950 D2 Caterpillar and I am now restoring a 1938 McCormick-Deering T-20.