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Calumetville 1998

| April/May 1999

N10861 Highway 151, Malone, Wisconsin 53049

Hello from Calumetville, Wisconsin, the home of the R. S. Vintage Steel Club. Today is December 4, 1998. On a normal year, we would probably be out shoveling snow, but not yet this year. In fact, believe it or not, just two days ago I found that the dandelions were starting to come out in the flower stage! My neighbor thought that I was nuts until I picked one and showed it to him. We have had weather in the high 50s and the low 60s. Not bad for this time of the year.

The reason why I decided to write today is because, as a club, we just celebrated our ten years this past September, and for those of you who have been at our shows, you know that we don't have the biggest show, but bigger is not always better.

We featured John Deere this past year, and what a show we had. We have two club members that really went all out to help make this show a success. One member from the Chilton area brought 21 John Deere tractors, and another one from the Saukville area brought in three semi loads of John Deere tractors. Another member brought in about 15 John Deere lawn mowers, and for this we thank them. But let's not forget the club members and all of the other exhibitors who maybe brought in one, two, or three, it doesn't matter. We appreciated each and every one of you, whether you brought in a John Deere, IHC, MM, A.C. or whatever.

And the spectators, as always, were just great again this year. They know that equipment rolling around the show grounds is not new anymore, and that anything can happen. We had a fine display of antique outboard motors and a 'slew' of gas engines. We had stone crushing done by the Schnieder bothers. We had a hay loader, plowing, threshing, toy show, books, crafts and a flea market. The best food money can buy was done by our very own chefs, but they would rather be called the fryers. They make the best food on the east shore of Lake Winnebago. This past year, in time for the show, we had another building added and a pavilion. Now that we have live entertainment on Saturday nights, this sure is nice. We would like to especially thank the members and non-members who helped with the setting up of the show and for all the hard work that they do during the show. The ladies' food stand, as well as the beverage stand, do a tremendous job in serving food and drinks.

When you think about it, that is why we are in this hobby, to work together and to share stories with one another. The best time, as far as I'm concerned, is at night when young and old get together and start a gab session. One of the older gentlemen would say, 'You're too young to remember this but,' then he will tell of something that sticks out in his mind from days gone by. And that, my friends, is what these antique shows are all about. It might be a piece of equipment they are displaying or just sharing a story or two. It's all history.


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