Bush Hog D4-7, 7061

| July/August 1994

11404 Hunters Lane, Austin, Texas 78753

Last year, I walked into Ron Shoup's hangar to find him on hands and knees working with a very sad garden tractor. His wife Betty was there to assist. As usual, I just had to join in the fun. Before long we had the little Wisconsin engine running. It sounded great had possibilities.

We looked the unit over and discussed its many problems. One front tire had been flat for a long time. The grill was missing. The battery box had been altered with a cutting torch. The trans axle had problems as it would roll a little, then lock up. It wouldn't shift properly. As I said, it looked bad with long term grease, oil, dirt, etc., all over from front to rear.

Ron had noticed this tractor in Marvin Morrison's hanger at Taylor, Texas, and had asked about it. Marvin indicated that it belonged to Roderick Rorie, who lived in Omaha, Nebraska, and it was for sale. An agreement was reached and Ron loaded it on his trailer for the trip to his own hangar at Kittie Mill Airport near Leander, Texas. This is where I first saw it.

It was the first Bush Hog tractor I had ever seen although other Bush Hog products are very well known.

I love to work with engines etc., so I couldn't resist the opportunity to own another. I popped off and told Ron I'd give him what he gave for it with a little to boot if he decided to sell it. Our hangars are close so I saw the little tractor several times during the following weeks. One day, Ron walked in and said he had too many larger projects that needed attention and I could have the tractor if I still wanted it. We closed the deal.