| December/January 1985

Why would anyone named C. H. Wendel write a 548-page book containing over 350,000 words and 1,551 photographs, about the Nebraska Tractor Tests?

The answer is in the reading. This large book, about 9 x 11 x 1' and weighing 10 pounds and 4 ounces, brings you all the information you could ever expect and more on these milestone tests.

If you merely want to look at model photos for brands that are famous as well as many that are only memories, you can page through slowly and see pictures to your heart's content. Most of the photos came from test headquarters; some were filled in by Walter Kasal.

If you want to learn the results of the tests, it's all there. You can find out a lot about your favorite tractor, or someone else's, or one you might consider acquiring.

The tests were started to check on the actual capabilities of tractors, in a time when dependability of a specific product was not at all a sure thing.

Back in 1908, some testing had been done at the Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition and the tests were expanded in later years. Wilmot F. Crozier is credited as 'Father of the Nebraska Tests'. Prof. L. W. Chase, who was president of ASAE (American Society of Agricultural Engineers), pushed for the idea for many years and with others helped Crozier present the Nebraska Tractor Test Bill which became law.