Bluffs Man Bought First UDLX

| March/April 1988

The Minneapolis Moline UDLX tractor, of which only 150 were made, has special memories for 79-year-old retired farmer and businessman Allan Tuttle of Scottsbluff. When he was living and farming in Marshall County, Iowa, he purchased the very first UDLX sold.

Tuttle had been wanting a big tractor, and when he saw the UDLX advertised he bargained for it. 'The price at that time was in excess of $2200,' he said, 'but they made me a special deal on it. I think I bought it for $1,800 cash.'

As the first buyer in the United States to purchase the UDLX, Tuttle rated special recognition.

'When I bought the tractor, they had a big deal up in the St. Francis Hotel in Minneapolis,' he remembers, 'and boy, they put on a shindig up there like you can't believe. Had all the big company officials and farm papers and local papers. It was quite a deal. Along about midnight they took a picture of me getting the key sitting out in front of the hotel.'

He also received an 18-carat gold watch fob as a memento of his purchase. On one side of the fob appear the two Minneapolis Moline M's, and on the flip side it is inscribed to 'Allen (sic) Tuttle. The world's first owner of a M-M Comfor tractor.'

'There weren't too many four-wheel-drive tractors in central Iowa at that time,' Tuttle said. 'Most tractors were tricycle type, row-crop tractors. There were a few of what we call three-plow tractors. International Harvestor made a big tractor at that time, the 2236, but the price would have been less because of all the extras in the Minneapolis Moline cab.'