Big Wheel '94-'98 Project

| March/April 1999

Economy Power King

'74 Economy Power King before rebuild and attachment of cab.

65 Sullivan Street, New York City, N.Y. 10012 or 53 Market Street, P.O. Boxe 48 Ellenville, New York 12428

I had a shock of recognition as quick as love at first sight in '94 when it caught the corner of my eye sitting for sale not 10 feet from the edge of a 55-mph New York State highway. I was not looking for such a machine at all, but when I saw it--deep lug agricultural (8.0-24 inch inside-diameter) wheels on a tractor not much bigger than any 'garden' tractor and notably smaller than a Farmall cub--the bulb in my brain said instantaneously and simultaneously:

I never saw a tractor with those proportions before

What a brilliant set of specifications combined in one machine.

Of course! Why do we not see more of these around?1

I want it. It's just what I need to remove snow from 1,000 feet of sidewalks.