'Big Blue' All Dressed Up for Winter

| May/June 1999

  • Big Blue

  • Big Blue

707 Church Street, Marbleton, Quebec, Canada JOB 2LO

This is a picture of my tractor, 'Big Blue,' all dressed up for winter.

It was made by Frazer Farm Equipment, Model T. E., with a Graham Paige Motor, serial #1419. A Mighty Mite Jacques Frazer, it was sandblasted and repainted to my choice of colour.

The motor started on the second pull, after who knows how many years. It ran well for two minutes, then quit. Two days of negotiations with the fuel and spark and we were off.

It now needs a new recoil spring. Where do I get one?

The tractor runs very well, though it is extremely noisy and very strong in low range and shaky in high gear.