| January/February 1982

  • Front of tractor is a self-guide device.
    1910 Big Four '30' 4 cylinder vertical 30 HP engine. Eight-foot drive wheels. Attachment on front of tractor is a self-guide device. The small wheel in front, which is attached by suitable rods to front axle drops into last furrow cut and keeps

  • Front of tractor is a self-guide device.

How many readers of this magazine have Big-4 tractors in their collections?

Either there are many who do, or the number is small, but very vocal.

The reason we say that is the response to an article by Carl M. Lathrop in Iron-Men Album, which appeared in the September-October issue of 1980. Carl, a consulting engineer who is a frequent contributor, said he had never received more 'fan' mail than he did for this.

Since the Big-4 is a tractor and not steam-powered, we are publishing this article in GEM and welcoming further replies.

Carl, in his article, said there were only three 'Big 4' tractors remaining in the United States. The one he wrote about particularly was at Monticello, Utah.

Blaine Griggs, Rt. 3, Nevada, MO 64772, wrote to make a correction. He listed a total of 16 in existence, including the one at Monticello. His owners list follows: