| March/April 2000

Box 7583 Newark, Delaware

One of the largest equipment sales held in the area is held annually (1999 was the nineteenth year) by Elias and John Beiler on their farm, 601 Musser School Road, Leola, Pennsylvania, during the fourth week of February.

This auction is held in the Amish farmland area in eastern Lancaster County, with close to 3,000 bidders from over 20 states and several foreign countries covering much of the farm.

On Thursday farm tractors, farm equipment (horse & tractor) and materials are sold, and on Friday the antique and collectible items are sold. The weather was excellent for February as the previous year, and there was good food available. Next auction is planned for February 24 and 25, 2000.

This is a sample of some of the selling prices for antique engines, antique/collectible tractors and garden tractors. Some notes on condition, etc., are included where possible.

Antique/Collectible Tractors

Cockshutt 1550, good condition, N.S., $7,300; Case C, restored, $4,000; John Deere D, styled, $2,900; Allis-Chalmers D-14, very good, restored, $2,450; Case VAC, nice, restored, $2,400; John Deere 40, good, $2,300; John Deere B, unstyled, very good, $2,000; John Deere LA, good, $1,950; John Deere B, styled; $1,900.

John Deere AR, overhauled, $1,550; Fordson Major, fair, $1,400; John Deere L, good, $1,200; Farmall F-14, on rubber, restored, $1,050; Farmall F-20, good, $1,000; John Deere A, running, $875; Earthmaster, good, $850; McCormick-Deering W-6, good, $800; Allis-Chalmers B, good/fair, $500; Allis-Chalmers B, fair, $500.

Garden/Lawn Tractors

Cub Cadet 70, good, w/mower deck, blade & trailer, $600; John Deere 110, orange over white, very good, $350; Penn. Panzer, fair, $275; Cub Cadet 70, good, running, w/mower, blade, trailer, $240; Cub Cadet original, running, w/fenders, creeper, $200; Cub Cadet original, running, $140; Cub Cadet original, w/hitch, $125; Cub Cadet 104, running, $100; Cub Cadet 70, incomplete, $60; David Bradley, $25.

Antique Engines

Maytag fruit jar, one cyl, $1,900; John Deere 3 HP, running, $1,000; Ideal, nice, w/Wico mag, $750; New Way 3? HP, older restoration, $725; John Deere 1? HP, complete, unrestored, $675; Fairbanks-Bulldog, 4 HP, restored, w/cart, $650; United 1?-2 HP, semi-restored, w/cart, $650; Ideal, nice, w/cart, $550; Associated Chore Boy 2 HP, w/cart, w/o mag, $500.

Fairbanks-Morse 1? HP, spoked flywheels, $475; Gray 2 HP, restored, w/cart, $475; Economy 1? HP, w/Webster mag, $450; McCormick-Deering M, 1? HP, older restoration, $450; Fairbanks-Morse 6 HP, unrestored, $400; Jaeger 2 HP, $375; McCormick-Deering 1? HP, complete, unrestored, $275; Fairbanks-Morse 6 HP, parts, $225; Briggs & Stratton 'Q', unrestored, $200; Briggs 6k Stratton 'Z' 5 HP, unrestored, $160; Fairmont for rail motorcar, $150; IHC LA 3-5 HP, unrestored, $100; REO unrestored, running, w/mower, $20; Briggs & Stratton unrestored, small, $20.


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