Bachelor Wants Wife

| October/November 1988

Route 1 Russellville, Missouri, 65074

Last August, I went to the show at Dover, Ohio. I left a few days early and stopped to see my service buddy, Ed Brenner of Kensington, Ohio. While there we visited several John Deere collectors. We kept his VW Rabbit hopping every day!

I had brought my Model 62 along to take to the show. One day we were talking and decided that since there are only approximately 2 dozen of the 78 62's built yet in existence, we should take a picture of his 3 and mine. I doubt that I will ever see that many together at one time again.

Ed's collection, in my opinion, is the quality not the quantity of both rare and early models along with the superb restoration work he does.

Along with the 62's he has 3 unstyled L's, 3 styled L's, 2 LA's, and an LI. He also has quite a line of equipment for them; including a front blade, field cultivator, single bottom plow, 2-way plow, mower, one-row cultivator, four row cultivator, mud lug wheels (a steel extension used with the rubber tires), also a PTO for the LA.

Several of the L's are still in use around the place. One with the 2-way plow, another with one-row cultivator, one with snow blade, and the LI with mower. Ed says that's a lot easier than always changing equipment. (I'm surprised he doesn't use one to go get the mail!)