| December/January 1985

  • 13-25 Eagle tractor
    13-25 Eagle tractor.

  • 13-25 Eagle tractor

Unlike its namesake, this baby Eagle hatched from an idea instead of an egg and it runs instead of flying. This baby Eagle is the project of Elden Myer, Miltonvale, Kansas. It was patiently built in his shop to a half-scale model of a 13-25 Eagle tractor. Work began in the fall of 1982 and finished in the summer of 1984 (except for the proper decals). Materials for the project were recruited from many sources.

The power is supplied by the two front cylinders of a 1928 Chevrolet motor laid on its side with the valves at the back near the operator. The crankshaft was fashioned from an eight horse-power Cushman two cylinder engine with babbitted rod bearings. The clutch is modeled after the Eagle original with three expanding type shoes. There are brakes on the belt pulley and the transmission drive. The eighteen inch flywheel used came from a John Deere one and one half horsepower stationary engine. A flat fan belt driven by a small pulley on the crankshaft side of the flywheel runs the water pump to circulate water in the radiator which came from a Kohler light plant. Myer used F12-IHC transmission gears for the two forward speeds and one reverse speed. The original hubs were cut out and replaced with hubs which fit the shaft.

The four wheels were made to scale the rear ones being twenty-four inches high and the front ones fifteen inches. Fenders with raised ribbed lines and gear covers were designed and constructed. A child's pedal tractor seat served as pattern for the reproduction seat. The completed Eagle is painted in red and green, the original colors.

Myer has exhibited my Baby Eagle at several engine and traction shows this past summer and is justly proud of his creation. The Baby Eagle is Myer's second scale model project. The first was a forty-three percent model of an 18-35 Rumely tractor. Myer's address is: R.R. 1, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466.