Attention 'R' M-M Owners

| September/October 1995

The 'R' M-M Registry Rt.1, Box 147-A Geary, Oklahoma 73040

I started the 'R' M-M Registry in January of 1994 in an attempt to account for as many Rs as possible, to learn more about the R, and ultimately be able to help you answer your questions about the R. I can also help you date your tractor even without serial numbers if I have enough information, which has proved very helpful to collectors.

Thus far I have registered 266 Rs that's only about two-thirds of 1% of all of those made. I know there are more out there, and if you don't respond your tractor will never be registered with your name beside it. I ask that if you own an R or even know someone who owns one, that you please register them in 'The R M-M Registry.'

To do so, you need pay me nothing. You may choose to either simply send me the tractor and engine serial numbers of your Rs and be done with it, or you can send me a self-addressed stamped envelope so I can send you a registration form/questionnaire for The R M-M Registry.

I personally would prefer that you do the latter, for both your sake and my own. The questionnaire helps me in my research of the R so I can in turn help you out with your questions. More importantly, however, the registration form helps to prove you own a certain tractor. If your tractor was ever stolen, I would have your form in my files, and all you would have to do is send me a SASE, tell me what you needed, and I'd return a copy of your questionnaire to you.

A registry list will be available to collectors on a random basis, and in it the owner's name is listed along with their tractor's serial numbers. At the end of the list the owner's name can be listed along with their town/state/country address. When I receive a letter from a person and it says that they own a certain tractor, I automatically list their name with their tractor's numbers and their state/country address only. I have to have written permission or a completely filled out questionnaire with one question appropriately marked to list your town also. This is for privacy.