At Last I Know

| April/May 1996

494 Twp Rd. 232 Sullivan, Ohio 44880

For a number of years, I have seen pictures of the Allis-Chalmers model U-I, and was always puzzled by the many coil springs inside the dual hard rubber tired rear wheels.

At the Ashland County Yesteryear Machinery Club Show, July 8-9, 1995, my questions were answered. Howard and Maxine Kidwell of Utica, Ohio, displayed a very well restored A-C model U-I, which had the dual rear wheels. With all those coil springs inside, as shown in photo #3, Howard demonstrated how the angle lugs were pulled up from between the dual wheels, and given a turn, and released against the tires. The angle lugs had a square shank part way down where they came through the wheel center spacer, and the rest of the shank was round. By using the tool pictured on top of the right-hand wheel in photo #1, the lug was lifted up and given a turn. When the angle lug was released against the tire, the square shank entered a square hole in the wheel center and this held the angle lug from turning. Photo #4 shows the lugs in place.

This beautiful old A-C model U-I has the Continental 4 cylinder L head 4 x 5 engine which was used through 1932. Later units used an overhead valve 4 cylinder engine made by A-C.