As I See It

| December/January 1989

4777 Upper Valley Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45424

The Minneapolis-Moline Farm Equipment Collectors had their winter meeting at Sidney, Ohio 24-25 February 1989. The weather cooperated, which allowed for outside activity.

On Friday morning the Prairie Gold caps and shirts began arriving before 9 a.m. at the White factory in Coldwater, Ohio. Everyone was greeted by Public Relations personnel. Plenty of donuts and coffee were available to the men and women as they wandered around the large auditorium shaking hands and talking while admiring an 'R' Cab and two new White tractors.

The meeting started with a welcome and orientation talk by a White representative. This was followed by two company movies giving early history of the company and leading up to the big surprise of White furnishing its new tractors in four colors, Minneapolis yellow, Oliver green, Cockshutt red and silver gray.

The large crowd was divided up into smaller groups for a two hour tour of the plant. Certainly all of the 34 acres under roof were not toured, but enough to give everyone a workout and a good education in farm equipment manufacturing. The company was very proud of its new multi-million dollar painting department which wasn't congruous with some of the areas that dated back to 1910. Seeing the 1905 manure spreader was a reminder that farm technology has come a long way. Upon completion of the tour everyone was given brochures and White machinery caps.

Several of the collectors went to a restaurant in Coldwater where fried rabbit is a specialty but Dennis Parker and I ordered something that was quicker to prepare. Charles Thoma and his father, Don, were prodding Milt Deets and Dick Durig to finish eating as they wanted to hurry to Merv and Carol Simons' farm to look at Minneapolis-Moline tractors.