| November/December 1974

  • Steam engine and gas tractor
    Courtesy of Office of Public Affairs, University of California, Davis, Cal. 95616.
    Office of Public Affairs
  • Mogul engine
    Courtesy of Rolland E. Maxwell, Route 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750
    Rolland E. Maxwell

  • Steam engine and gas tractor
  • Mogul engine

Route 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750

In the last three issues we've been studying the successful old tractors made from 1910 on. All were equipped with heavy duty slow speed engines, heavy geared and used largely for threshing and plowing.

The J.I. Case Co. noted for their steam engines and threshing equipment, built from 1911 to 1917 a 30--60 tractor using a kerosene burning two cylinder twin Horiz. engine one speed forward at two M.P.H. Won a gold metal at Winnipeg for large kerosene burning models --two good ones left in North Dakota yet.

From 1912 to 1919 came their 20 -- 40. Engine was a two cyl. opposed 8-3/4by 9 at 475 RPM. two speed, weighing 13780#. Until 1913 both models used engines coming from the Davis Motor Co. of Milwaukee. After 1913, they built their own engines, shown at Winnipeg in 1912. Price in 1918 was $3000. The 20--40 became very popular and put Case on the map. I can account for thirty five around yet, and one can be found at most of our good shows. More about Case's smaller models later.

The Avery Co. of Peoria, Ill. were also makers of steam engines and the Yellow Fellow separators. From 1911 to 1916 they built a 20-35 two cyl. opposed 7' 3/4 times 8' at 350 RPM with old style square radiator that looked similar to an Oil Pull. Pictures in an Oct. 1911 Thresherman's Review as being just out. They apparently used either a round and sometimes a square radiator that first year. Replaced in 1916 by the 18--36 using a four cyl. opposed engine. One with a round radiator was pictured as being tested at Winnipeg in 1912 on both gasoline and kerosene. They had a branch house in Billings, Mont. in 1911.

My 30 HP Mogul engine. This engine came in a 1913 15--30 Mogul tractor which was used for belt work around Jewel, Ohio. During the scrap drive in W.W. II it was condemned for scrap. The engine was removed and hidden. They got the rest. Wesley Leach of Defiance, Ohio got ahold of it and I got it from him. It has a 9 X 14 cylinder at 335 rpm. It's ready to go after the cooling tank is put back on. I might add that Wesley Leach is an authority on old tractors and gas engines. His collection is at a Augloize Valley Museum which he was instrumental in forming and maintaining.