As I Saw It Part XIIII

| July/August 1973

  • Pioneer Tractor
    Courtesy of Rolland E. Maxwell, Route 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750
    Rolland E. Maxwell

  • Pioneer Tractor

Route 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750

I made the previous list of companies that made tractors several years ago. Since then I have found some more and I expect there may some more show up yet. Leroy Quandt of Ryder N.D. sent me a partial list that he had made out, and I was able to get some more names that I did not have. I want to publicly thank Leroy for his help. The list now stands at five hundred and I think that's about it.

1919  - 1920 -- Alberta Fdy & Mach. Co., Medicine Hat, Alb., Canada. 'Canadian'

1915 -- Algona Mfg. Co., Algona, Ia.

1920  -- American Tr & Impl. Co., Cincinnati, O. 'American Grand'

1915 -- Anderson Fdy & Mach. Co., Anderson, Ind. 'Anderson'.