| November/December 1972

C. O. D. Tractor

Courtesy of Rolland E. Maxwell, Route 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750.

Route 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750

I mentioned in one of my articles that I had been working on a list of the names of all the tractors that had been made, or were advertised as having been made, and were for sale at one time or other. I realize that this list is not entirely complete and subject to error. Also that some were companies that were not in production for any length of time due to a lack of finance, material or know how in proper engineering and lack of company organization. Also some of these tractors may have been made by one company one year and by another, by merger or sale, to another company in following years. Also some companies were mere stock promotion schemes, and not in business long. Ruben Mickelson of Anamoose, N. D. had made a partial list of companies, and he very kindly turned them over to me, as he is mainly interested in gasoline engines. I want to pubicly thank him, and give credit for his help.

C. O. D. tractor shown in Rollag, Minnesota and owned by Elmer Larson, Moorhead, Minnesota.

The list may never be entirely complete, and names may be added over the years, but as many have asked for this information, it will start as follows. First the year of beginning. The company name, models, sizes, etc.

1909  Abenaque Mach. Works. West minister Sta. Vt. 6/25 H. P. 1 cyl.

1910  Advance Thresher Co. Battle Creek, Mich. 'Jankins Advance' to Rumely.