| July/August 1971

Route 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750

In the period between 1900-1910 the tractor industry really got to rolling. Notably four of the tractor firms which were later to become famous and well-known, got their start in this period. They were Hart-Parr, International Harvester, Rumely Oil Pull, and Huber Mfg. Co. Also, the first advertising in the trade Journals began at this time. Hart Parr claims to be the first tractor company to advertise.

In the June issue of the 1910 Gas Power are shown ads by Hart-Parr, Flour City, and the Model Gas Engine Works of Peru, Ind. Hart-Parr ads appeared in the Implement Trade Journal of Kansas City, Mo., in 1906 also.

Strange as it may seem I cannot find out a thing about the Model Gas Engine Works, and I only live thirty-five miles from Peru, Ind. They advertised tractors from 16 to 60 hp. one cylinder, horizontal engine, screen tank-cooled, and looked like an early I.H.C. tractor.

Hart-Parr was the first Company to make tractors exclusively. They built their first tractor in 1901. A 22-45 twin cylinder. It was sold to a farmer in Iowa, and was used for seventeen years without having to be returned to the factory for repairs. In 1902 and 1903 they made fifteen. In 1928 six of these fifteen were still in operation. Number three is now in the Smithsonian Institute and to be kept there forever. It is still in running condition. I know of one in Kansas that threshed for thirty-seven years and is inside and in good shape yet. Hart Parr made the first tractor with heavy gearing to stand the strain of drawbar work and plowing. In 1907 their 22-45 became the 60, which was made up to some time in 1917, when they discontinued their heavy tractors. A 60 cost about $2250.

In 1906 IHC came out with a standard four wheel tractor using a screen cooling tank. They were made by the Ohio Mfg. Co. of Upper Sandusky, Ohio, using their trucks and mounting IHC's Famous gas engine. 200 of these were made in 1906. More about IHC in a history of the Company later on.