| September/October 1978

  • 30-60 Aultman Taylor
    30-60 Aultman Taylor

  • 30-60 Aultman Taylor

R. R. 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750

Aultman Taylor Company had been producing steam engines and threshing machines, and had a well organized sales and distributing outlet.

Prior to 1910 most of the tractors were one or two cylinder. In 1910 Aultman Taylor came out with a four cylinder horizontal engine rated at 30-60, bore 7' and stroke 9' at 500 rpm. Hi trmsionmag, mechanical oiler compressed air starter, square radiator with round stack on top, no fenders before 1913.

After 1916 they were round tubular radiators with two fans 2.5 to 2.89 mph, weight 2300 pounds. Up 762 had square radiators. From 76 885 had 38' tubular radiator, aft 885 they had 42' tubular 36' long and 196 two inch tubes and had two 2 fans.

Nebraska tests showed 80.10 J-drawbar horsepower, on gas and 58.05 horsepower drawbar, it was powerful tractor pulling 8 to 10 ploy and a 36' separator. It was very popular as a road grading tractor due to its speed. Over a hundred were used in Iowa and a similar number Illinois. The 30-60 were made through 1924.

1912 to 1919 25-50 6's 9', 19161 1919 18-36 5's 8, 1919 to 1924 22-45 12 8 at 600 rpm, 1919 to 192415-30 3 4 8 at 900 rpm used a four cylinder in line engine; some were Waukesha and some were Climax engines 51 6 at 900 rpm. C and O radiate cellular with centrifuglar pump an fan 3 to 4 plows.


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