| July/August 1977

R. R. 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750

As to Titans and Moguls being one of the first successful tractors out, I can remember some of the things as existed at that time. First, there were very few tractor plows out at that time...only a few two and three bottom plows in existence. One of my neighbors bought a ten-twenty Titan tractor but did not have the cash for the plow. People did not put things on the cuff as they do today. He hitched it to a two bottom Rock Island horsedrawn gang plow and hung a section of harrow along side. His wife rode the plow to let it up and down at the ends until school was out and his son could take over. They did a lot of real good plowing with that outfit. Sounds crude but it wasn't. Rock Island made a lot of good equipment at that time. They also made some tractor tools, too.

There were no tandem discs and men used to take two, eight, four horse discs side by side and in some cases they would make one into a tandem. They merely made do with what they had. At the time tractor discs were light weight and very little better than horse discs. The first tandem disc that I had was a Roderick Lean ten foot and I used it until they came out with heavier discs later on.

It is hard to believe today how light and flimsy our first tractor tools were. I have mentioned how  popular the ten-twenty Titan was in its day. At shows where I have had my Titan, many a man has come to me and said 'That was the first tractor I ever drove,' or said 'That's the first tractor I bought.' I can accound for 65 or more still around yet today. At a museum at Grand Island, Nebraska there is a 15-35 four plow Titan, the only one I know of in the central west.

The enclosed pictures of my Titan show it on rubber, but it has since been restored to steel. One picture shows it pulling the sawmill at the Elwood, Indiana show. We were sawing walnut, but we were surprised how well it handled the saw at that. Nobody need turn their nose up at a Titan; they did their share in making history.