Antique Tractors In A Shopping Mall?

| August/September 1988

  • 1919 Titan Tractor

    ?Bill Kerrick

  • 1919 Titan Tractor

Sec., Chemung Valley Old Timers Assoc. Inc.220 Sunnyfield Drive, Horseheads, New York, 14845

The week of February 8-14 1988 found the Chemung Valley Old Timers Association busy putting on their 2nd annual Winter Show at the Arnot Shopping Mall in Big Flats, New York. This year's featured item was 1919 Titan Tractor owned and restored by Bill Kerrick of Horse-heads, New York.

To our knowledge, we are the only club to put on a winter show such as this. The shopping public enjoyed the displays, and the members had a good time talking to the people and answering questions about their equipment. Because of its large size (117 stores), shoppers come from a 50 mile radius. The mall's traffic counters registered over 80,000 people once during our six-day show.