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Horizontal shingle mill operated by Bob Collins.
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Red River separator and Case tractor owned by Frank Johnson.

5 Airport Road, Horseheads, New York 14845, and Norm Westervelt,
313 Smith Creek Road, Nichols, New York 13812

Each year at the farm of Frank Johnson a very special show is
conducted, the annual ‘Antique Tractors & Engines Working
for Muscular Dystrophy’ Show. The sole purpose is to raise as
much money as possible for the local Muscular Dystrophy Chapter.
There is no admission charge and all are welcome!

The Johnson farm is located in a wide beautiful valley near
Elmira, New York. It is situated next to the Chemung Co. Airport
and at the foot of Harris Hill, the Soaring Capital of the

Frank Johnson, his sister Louise, and her daughter Bonnie, with
other family members, planned and produced this event. All labor
was donated and many outside the family contributed time and effort
to the success of the show. Thank you all! The three day show drew
exhibitors and spectators from a fifty mile radius. Frank, with
help, prepared the grounds and operated various equipment. Louise,
who has a food catering service, took charge of the food concession
and supplied all the food and refreshment needs. Bonnie handled
raffles and entertainment. Frank’s brother, Roger, presented a
great message at the Sunday morning worship service.

The show was July 27 to 29, 1995, and on display were antique
cars, including a 1929 Sanford fire truck owned by Bill Jayne, and
a 1908 Sears automobile owned by Stan Cortright. In other rows were
tractors and related machinery. Special displays included antique
lanterns, tractor seats, two-man saws, spark plugs, hit &. miss
and small engines, and many other interesting collections. There
were also a number of working displays, including a saw mill, wheat
threshing, straw baling, cross-cut saw demo and contest, hay press
and stone crushing. Another exciting event was the kiddie pedal
tractor pull.

A local auctioneer, Gil Martz, donated his services and
conducted the annual auction. All items for the auction were
donated. Several rides in Stan Cortright’s 1908 Sears, were
auctioned off. Yours truly purchased one. What a thrill!

The weather was beautiful all week end. Each day saw an increase
in attendance, and there was a great spirit of generosity among
spectators and exhibitors. We were pleased with the amount of money
raised from the auction, food sales, selling rides and raffles.

Each year on a Sunday, many handicapped people from state
facilities in Horseheads and surrounding area at tend the show.
Local groups furnish music, including instrumental, singing ad

During the three year period the show has raised: first year,
$1160.00; second year, $1850.00; third year, $2250.00. More than
$5,000.00 was raised in three years.

On November 5, 1995, an appreciation dinner was given by the
Johnson family for all involved with the show. This was well
attended and greatly appreciated. Upcoming events were announced.
These included: an MDA auction on December 10, 1995, and the show
date for 1996. This auction raised $1900.00 towards the 1996 MDA
marathon. Again Gil Martz donated his auction services.

Come see us in 1996. This year’s four-day show date is July
4 through July 7, 1996.

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