The Quest to own an Antique Gas Tractor

Spark Plug of the Month features Russell Flora, Jr. and his dream of owning an antique gas tractor.

| March/April 1967

Russ Flora finally owns an antique gas tractor. 

Dayton Daily News & Radio's "Joe's Journal".

Father & Son in "Cab to Cab" Chat — Russ Flora, at the helm of his 1917 20-40 Case Tractor chats with son, Bruce, at wheel of the 20-30 Rumely Oil-Pull at Darke County Threshers, Greenville, Ohio.

Sometimes the Spark Plug of the Month is a many-faceted personality — comprising of such strange admixtures as early boyhood impressions of Granddad's steam threshin' rig, modern engineering trends and piloting one's own plane. To which add generous proportions of religious and civic responsibility to one's own community as well as a hitch at army life in the service of one's country.

"It all started when, as a kid, I used to sit on my grandfather, Ed. Hollinger's big Baker Engine and watch the wheels go 'round while he was threshing," reminisces Russ Flora from over Tipp City, Ohio-way.

Somehow the mighty impressions of the barking stack and reciprocating piston and valve-gear, the wail of the steam whistle and rhythm of that vibrating, pulsating engine deck carved unforgettable memories in a little boy's mind — as if any man today who once sat on Grandpa's engine could ever forget.